Compassionate Healthcare


My mission is to provide the best possible outcome for each of my Clients and that begins with treating them like a family member. I don’t believe it should be done any other way!

A Patient Advocate offers an experienced and effective approach to gaining clarity.

I’m an Independent Board-Certified Patient Advocate who works solely for my clients and their families. I advocate for compassionate and quality care with sustained attention to the details of your unique healthcare needs, and sensitivity toward your personal beliefs and preferences. Together, we will ensure that the care being delivered is the best care possible. You do not have to navigate the complexities of healthcare alone.


Professional Patient Advocates typically provide:

Someone you can trust who has your best interests at heart.

  • Guidance & Support
    • Empower Clients to make informed decisions.
    • Facilitate effective doctor-patient communications
    • Help clients plan for doctor appointments & procedures
  • Treatment Plan Coordination
    • Ensure adherence to the treatment plan.
    • Oversee care among all caregivers.
    • Communicate frequently with family members.
  • Healthcare Management
    • Handle administrative tasks such as research and scheduling.
    • Review medical bills, negotiates fees, resolves disputes.
    • Assist with end-of-life planning.

Do you need a Patient Advocate?

Are you struggling to manage your or your parent’s health care needs? Are you overwhelmed with the amount of information, appointments, and coordinating involved?

Do any of these scenarios feel familiar?

  • A complex condition requires extensive research and planning.
  • Your needs require coordination among multiple providers.
  • Conflicting information makes it difficult to make decisions.
  • A transition back to your home requires ongoing self-care.
  • Going to doctor appointments causes a great deal of stress.


Is caring for your parents a challenge?

  • You’re not sure your parents are following the treatment plan.
  • No local support is available to assist with your parents’ needs.
  • You have concerns about your parents’ safety at home.
  • You worry about your parents as new health challenges arise.
  • The care your parents want in the future has not been defined.


Having a Patient Advocate on your side is like having a personal navigator who guides you with deep knowledge of the health care system and expertise in caregiving.

Every patient benefits from expert guidance.

Are your health needs requiring an extensive amount of time and attention?

I will guide you through these difficult times by getting you what you need, from the right source, and in a timely manner; thus, allowing you and your family to feel well-informed and prepared to make important decisions.

Common scenarios that benefit from expert guidance:

  • Obtaining a second or third opinion
  • Safely remaining in your home as long as possible
  • Planning for and communicating the level of care you want in the future
  • Transitioning from one level of care to another
  • Caring for your parents as new health challenges arise
  • Protecting your parents’ independence and safety at home
  • Completing documentation required by providers

Everyone deserves to be heard.

Nobody should handle this alone. I know what it’s like to be on the other side—the side you are on. I know how overwhelming it is, the vulnerability and fear you have, and the isolation that often comes with illness, aging, and disability. Everything I do for you and your loved one is done with the utmost respect, compassion, and professionalism.

Every patient:

  • deserves compassion. I know what it’s like to feel vulnerable, fear the unknown, be faced with a health crisis. Everything I do is done with the utmost respect, empathy and professionalism.
  • is entitled to quality healthcare. I will work with your healthcare team so that everyone participates in developing the best treatment plan for you. We will fit all the pieces together and gain clarity.
  • benefits from expert guidance. My experience will guide you through unfamiliar territory. We will get what you need in a timely manner so that you can make well-informed decisions.

Together, we will:

  • reduce risk of complications and hospital readmissions.
  • greatly improve your treatment outcomes.
  • minimize the stress associated with your healthcare.
  • create a quality of life you didn’t think was possible.


“I wholeheartedly recommend Nancy to anyone who needs an experienced and caring advocate to help with their loved one’s healthcare needs. We put our total trust in her and she far surpassed our expectations.”

-M.M., Los Angeles, CA

“Nancy was not there simply for emergencies – she was a friend, always compassionate, always intelligent about health care decisions, and always on my Aunt Ruth’s side advocating for her as she might for her own grandmother.”

-M.K., New York, NY

“It has always felt like Nancy was a member of my team, which is incredibly important when feeling overwhelmed by unexpected circumstances.”

-M.S., Manhattan Beach, CA

“Being a patient or family member is exhausting, and Nancy brings a great and revitalizing energy when you need it most.”

-Anonymous, Woodland Hills, CA

“Nancy ensured the doctors in Virginia were communicating with the doctors in Los Angeles and was instrumental in my Aunt’s return home.  Nancy was indispensable.”

-Anonymous, Los Angeles, CA

“Nancy is consistently a knowledgeable and empathetic ally who can understand and validate what we are going through.”

-Ike S., Philadelphia, PA             

“Nancy was extremely intuitive to our needs and always several steps ahead of us.  Her knowledge and experience enabled her to anticipate things before they even happened, often preventing potential problems.”

-A.L., Studio City, CA

“Nancy’s experience and uniquely suited disposition for this work allowed her to anticipate my needs, validate them, and address them promptly and professionally.”

-Steven K., Palm Desert, CA