Treatment Providers

Are you confident they understand your recommendations and can comply? Are you concerned about their current living arrangements and whether they have the help and support they need? Perhaps they have a pending treatment or procedure coming up and they seem overwhelmed, scared and alone or confused.

Sometimes, what a client needs most is to get everyone on the same page. I can make that happen.

Helping Your Patients Understand

Guiding Together

Involving a Private Independent Patient Advocate gives your patients a better chance of reaching the outcomes you hope to achieve. Following your lead, I will work with your patients to help them understand their condition, improve compliance, and avoid unnecessary hospital readmissions.

As your patient’s advocate, I will: 

  • Serve as liaison to build positive relationships for your patients and their healthcare team.
  • Engage family members and caregivers to fully support your clinical goals.
  • Ensure full comprehension of your treatment plan and quality of life recommendations.
  • Empower your patient to make well-informed decisions.
  • Help your patient better prepare for clinical appointments and hospital stays.